100% Hand Crafted in Italy

HODLēR Shoes collaborates with top Italian shoe makers with 100+ years in the business, combining Italian tradition, quality and modern style.

Italian quality Leather

Every shoe features pristine, quality leather and suede, sourced and processed in Italy. Custom shoes created in this luxe material makes the end product smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear and visually stunning. There’s a reason Italian leather is an essential resource among the best brands.

Where Style Meets Comfort

Not only known for world class quality, style and top-notch materials, Italy is widely acclaimed for the comfort added to each shoe made. We benefit from more than 100 years of impeccable craftsmanship and developed techniques used to produce and ship an average 30 million shoes each year.

Extreme Quality

The best materials available worldwide.

Made to last

Incredibly robust custom sneakers, made to last for years.

Carefully Handcrafted

Accurate assembly, clean cut and perfect fit.

Meet Our Shoemakers

“There is a magical atmosphere here in our crafting labs, which can’t be described. That’s what ‘Made in Italy’ is all about.”

“Crafting a shoe is an act of passion, balance and technique. I have been a shoemaker since 1962 and have devoted my life to mastering those three skills.”

“Cutting leather is an art. You need perfect understanding of the material to know how to best cut it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, which can be sold and traded. An NFT authenticates the ownership of digital assets such as photos, videos, and digital art pieces.

Do I need a crypto wallet?

You will need a Crypto Wallet to hold your NFT in. If you don’t have one yet, here's a tutorial on how to set one up. It’s easy to do, and only takes a few minutes.

Where are the shoes made?

All shoes are Made In Italy, using authentic Italian Leather.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes we do! We have a flat delivery fee of $29 USD. All of our parcels are shipped using DHL Logistics.

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions, please reach out to our team at info@hodlershoes.co and we'll respond ASAP.

How does an NFT gate work?

When you try to purchase one of our shoes, you will be asked to sign in with your crypto wallet to prove you own the NFT. Once verified, you will be able proceed to purchase your shoe. If our system detects that your wallet doesn't own the NFT, you will be denied access to the purchase page.

Do I need to pay separately for shoe as well as the NFT?

Yes. Think of the NFT as an unlock, or exclusive access to purchase the shoe. You then also need to pay for the shoe itself. The cost of each shoe varies from $189 - $249 per pair.

How do I redeem my shoe?

Visit the Unlock section of our website (coming soon) and click Connect Wallet. Then select your NFT and click Unlock. Sign the transaction, and proceed to checkout and purchase your shoe.

Your old NFT will be burned and replaced with a new one. This is so people know whether or not an NFT has been redeemed. This new NFT still has value, as it gives the holder access to our Metaverse hangout, and metaverse wearable shoes (coming soon).

PLUS the holder will be elibible for future discounts and secret AirDrops.

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