Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the shoes made?

All shoes are Made In Italy, using authentic Italian Leather.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide! Delivery is FREE to United States, Europe & United Kingdom.

Can I re-sell my NFT?

Yes! You can re-sell your NFT at any time via the secondary marketplace (even if you’ve used it to purchase your shoe). You can choose to sell it for a profit if you wish.

How does an NFT gate work?

When you try to purchase one of our shoes, you will be asked to sign in with your crypto wallet to prove you own the NFT. Once verified, you will be able proceed to purchase your shoe. If our system detects that your wallet doesn’t own the NFT, you will be denied access to the purchase page.

Do I need to pay separately for shoe as well as the NFT?

Yes. Think of the NFT as a ticket, or exclusive access to purchase the shoe. You then also need to pay for the shoe itself. The cost of each shoe varies from $189 – $249 per pair. Once you’ve used the NFT to purchase your shoe, you can then onsell to another keen buyer (for a profit if you wish).